OxyPure® Test and Performance Data

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That is why we are sharing all of our test and performance data for the OxyPure®.
Air Purifier Efficiency Test – Bacteria & Mold
Intertek Testing Services
This test focused on the removal rate for the following pathogens: E. coli bacteria (99.98%), Staphylococcus Albus bacteria (99.97%), Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria (99.96%), and Aspergillus Niger bacteria (99.97%). Intertek found that after 2 hours, on average the OxyPure® Zero removed between 99.96% and 99.98% of the pathogens. The OxyPure® Zero was tested in the 10m3 test chamber at maximum wind speed on.

Air Purifier Efficiency Test – Viruses
Intertek Testing Services
The test focused on the removal rates for airborne pathogens, specifically the H3N2 Influenza virus. Intertek found that after 1 hour, the OxyPure® Zero removed 99.9% of the pathogen. The OxyPure® Zero was tested in the 10m3 test chamber at maximum wind speed on.

Air Purifier Efficiency Test – Smoke, Dust, and Pollen
Intertek Testing Services
Using Tobacco Smoke (particle size: 0.10 - 1.0 microns), AC Fine Test Dust (particle size: 0.5 - 3.0 microns), and Paper Mulberry Pollen (particle size: 5 - 11 microns), the tests showed that on average, 100% of the smoke particles were gone within 50 minutes, 100% of the dust particles were gone within 50 minutes and 100% of the pollen particles were gone within 30 minutes in a 1008 ft3 room at maximum wind speed.

Air Purifier Efficiency Test – Formaldehyde
Intertek Testing Services
Intertek tested the OxyPure® Zero’s formaldehyde removal rate. The test shows that after 2 hours, 96.9% of the formaldehyde had been removed.

Air Purifier Efficiency Test – Ozone Emission
Intertek Testing Services
Ground level ozone concentrations (measured in parts per billion or ppb) varies depending on where you live. You can live in places where it is fairly low, like Oahu in Hawaii, which averages 49ppb1; or in places like Chicago, which averages 72ppb2. The national average hovers around 70ppb3, which is also the current EPA standard. The CARB-Certified OxyPure® Zero's Ozone filter drops the ozone concentration in your home to 1ppb, 70 times lower than current EPA limits and well below the ozone concentration you would find outside anywhere in the U.S.

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2. Illinois Air Quality Report 2017 - Air Quality Index
3. EPA Report on the Environment

These tests were conducted by a third-party laboratory under laboratory conditions. NuWave LLC does not imply that these results can be replicated in a non-laboratory setting.

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